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The Paris Agreement and US Withdrawal

The Paris Agreement refers to the agreement reached at United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) by the end of 2015 held in Paris to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions,…

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Op-Ed: Ramadan Transmissions Should Be Banned In Pakistan

Indeed, we all were set to welcome the sacred thirty days; ready to fast, steady to pray, planned to recite Holy Quran and fully invigorated to spend day and night…

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The Double Standards Of Trump’s Family Portrays Hypocrisy, Courtesy Populism

Populism can be explained as reaching out to the ordinary people’s aspirations in seeking to achieve political and social goals. Many political parties or politicians, depending upon the situation, often…

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OpEd: If Russia-Trump Ties Are True; NATO Is In Trouble

If recent allegations of possible collusion between Russia and then Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s campaign during 2016 election are proved by multi-faceted various separate probes then one of the…

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Budget 2017-18 for Pakistan: Analysis by a Student

Being a student of Economics, I am genuinely concerned about the economic state of my country. Budget presented by government every year gives us a trivial hope and glance of…

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This Guy Flipped Out When A Saudi Cleric Complimented Trump As A ‘Servant’ Of Allah

I was quite surprised to know that a Saudi Cleric declared Donald Trump as a "Servant of Allah." How can a man be complimented as Allah's servant who is responsible for…

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