Author: Muhammad Souman Elah

Heres Why Everyone Should Read “The Economy of Modern Sindh” By Dr. Ishrat Husain

During a casual conversation with my host advisor, I was awed when he enlightened me about the rich history of the British and not-so-rich history of the Americans in terms…

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Liberalizing a Semi-Urban Area: ‘Condemning Men Who Stare At Girls of Every Age’

In the last winter vacations, I was having a detailed discussion with my mother over the presence of women in the public sphere of the semi-urban area we live in.…

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Reasons Why Old Perspectives About Education Need Restructuring

MBBS, Engineering and the CSS are considered as the top-notch fields to build one's student career in the semi-urban areas of Pakistan. Those who excel in Biology dream for MBBS…

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The Dark Side: Gender Discrimination in the Private Sphere

Imagine a world devoid of duality, oh how dull it would be! Duality makes the various systems of this world organized and characterful. Otherwise, everything may seem insipid. Duality comes…

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