The Dark Side: Gender Discrimination in the Private Sphere


The Dark Side: Gender Discrimination in the Private Sphere


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Imagine a world devoid of duality, oh how dull it would be! Duality makes the various systems of this world organized and characterful. Otherwise, everything may seem insipid. Duality comes in the form of jubilance or melancholy, day or night, success or failure, affluence or poverty, or men or women. It is the duality of the last that makes family systems complete, resulting in a smooth flow of life. However, there is a unique line parallel to this smooth flow that at times discriminates one from the other. This discrimination is justified by certain biological and psychological differences among both. To Farida Shaheed, a Pakistani sociologist, the latter are being exploited by religion and culture which reinforce patriarchy and gender discrimination. Her work on gender discrimination in the book “The Post-Colonial State and Social Transformation in India and Pakistan” under the title “Women’s Experiences of Identity, Religion and Activism in Pakistan” is a must read.

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