Local TV Reporter From Pakistan Covers His Own Wedding And Has A Time Of His Life!


Local TV Reporter From Pakistan Covers His Own Wedding And Has A Time Of His Life!


We often complain about our workplaces and the onus of work put on us by our respected employers. However, can you imagine not getting a single day off on your wedding? Well, something slightly similar happened in Pakistan.

A local TV reporter from the country went viral on the internet for something very odd but thoroughly entertaining. A City41 News reporter had the absolute honor of covering his own wedding, both as a groom and as a correspondent.

Source: facebook.com

The reporter was absolutely professional in covering his own wedding, where he started off by welcoming all the guests and the viewers watching his video on their televisions. After that, the reporter/groom went on to talk to his father, asking him how he felt on his son’s big day.

The father, joyous as ever, was very proud of his son’s achievements in Pakistan’s media industry, and was all praise for his daughter-in-law. He was happy that the wedding was going according to his plans and he couldn’t be happier that his son was now married.

The reporter then went on and in a very prudent manner started questioning his newly wed wife. He was extremely cheesy in telling the people that his marriage was out of love, not arranged, and that he had been after his wife for 4 years, before she finally accepted his proposal for marriage.

As per the groom’s wife, she was very happy, just as his mother-in-law and mother were. The mother went out of her way and said that every mother in the world deserved the same happiness that she has got today after her son’s wedding. Well, they say pairs are made in heaven, but some are made on TV as well.

We wish the best of luck to the groom on his marriage, while also realizing how difficult it would be to cover your own wedding. Somethings only happen in Pakistan!

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