Jibran Nasir Detained and Beaten by Police for Refusing to Give Way to Judge and People Are Furious!


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The most prominent social activist and lawyer in Pakistan, Jibran Nasir was beaten up and detained by Karachi Police on Monday evening. The independent political candidate from Karachi refused to give to a judge during a security convoy. The judge in question was of Sindh High Court Faisal Kamal and the incident took place in Clifton.

Jibran Nasir was driving on Khaliq-uz-Zaman road in Clifton Block 08 where he met with the security convoy of Sindh High Court judge. It was revealed that the members of the security convoy signaled Jibran to give way. But Jibran refused to follow through and apparently, some of the security personnel was found to be misbehaving him. Therefore, he was stopped, beaten up and taken into custody.

Jibran Nasir recorded a Facebook live video just when it happened…

Posted by Mohammad Jibran Nasir on Monday, July 2, 2018

In this video, Jibran can clearly be seen taken away by the police and he reveals how they went violent with him. Beating up and tearing apart his clothes.

Obviously, the video among caused an outrage among people and shortly after, Jibran Nasir posted another

Live from Frere Police Station after I was assaulted and arrested by a protocol for not giving a VIP the way on the road. #NA247 #Elections2018 Yeh hota hae agar umeedwaar ho Hum Mein Se #Aik.

Posted by Mohammad Jibran Nasir on Monday, July 2, 2018


Here is an account by an eye-witness present at the scene

Talha Rehman Jibran Nasir Mona Kazim Shah Muhammad Mehdi Saad Rabbani Saulat Qadri Arieb Azhar Afia Salam Farieha Aziz Beena Sarwar Raza Rumi Shayan Elahi

Posted by Ahmad Shabbar on Monday, July 2, 2018

As of course, Pakistanis on social media were not having it at all. They expressed their anger and resentment and called for an immediate release of the lawyer. What is more inspiring is how Jibran took charge and took control of the entire situation, without losing sweat and rationally taking on everything.

As soon as the news took over social media, Pakistanis stood up for him and the hashtag #FreeJibran went on

This is one manifestation of the toxic VIP culture in Pakistan which Pakistanis have to go through. These VIPs considered it rational to abuse and harass the general public who do not follow their VIP regime.

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