So, India Finally Confessed Shooting Down Its Own Mi-17 Helicopter On Feb 27 And Indians Are Shell-Shocked!


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Pakistan’s neighboring nation maintains a record of accusing Pakistan of using terrorists to destabilize Indian occupied Kashmir, embarrassing itself and disguising their defeats as victories trying to fool about 1.3 billion people. A not too far in the past Pulwama incident occurred, where India blamed Pakistan for a suicide bombing attack that killed 40 Indian security personnel, was denied by Pakistan but accepted by a jihadist group Jaish-e-Muhammad. Hence, they decided to respond to the suicide bombing attack and violated Pakistan’s airspace which started a confrontation of the two forces. Pakistan downed their two jets during the exchange of fire mid-air and captured one of their pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

India continued on with their lies and claimed that they shot down Pakistan’s F16, which again was false and denied by Pakistan. They went so far as to bestow Abhinandan a ‘Falcon Slayer’ patch which was nothing short of entertainment for the Pakistanis.

Major General Asif Ghafoor, during his presser on 29th of April that was conducted as a response to India’s press conference, warned the neighbors to stop spewing lies about downing our f16 along with claims of the casualties and deaths caused by the Indian air strike.

Lo And Behold India Confesses Of Downing Its Own Mi-17 Chopper within its 12-second launch On February 27 That Killed 6 IAF Personnel On Board Along With A Civilian On Ground

This revelation definitely shows how pathetic India is, covering up their own mishaps to the point that a full-blown war could have ensued. Is that how bad Modi wanted to win the elections?

Dear Indians. Told you so. 

Here’s What Indians Had To Say To This Embarrassing News

Sarcasm or genuine concern?

Yikes! Looks like you all were made a complete fool

Because Modi likes to play dirty

India’s government to their own people:

Source: Twitter

At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the general public of India defending this as ‘it was just a mistake’. Since they are well versed in defending themselves with the most ridiculous arguments. However, the investigation of this incident is underway and will be completed in 20 days. IAF officer, however, that downed the chopper is said to face a criminal case.

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