From Broke To Billions - Here Are 7 Brilliant Ways Of How Billionaires Get So Rich!


From Broke To Billions – Here Are 7 Brilliant Ways Of How Billionaires Get So Rich!


In today’s world, where things are becoming harder and harder, it is not easy to become a billionaire. What makes one a billionaire is the glaring question. Actually, billionaires do things which most of us can’t even think of.

1. High-fliers take calculated risks

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They logically evaluate things around them and take certain risks. Hotshots do not fear what will happen in the future after logical assessment. They truly follow the proverb, Luck favors the bold.”

2. Champions do not lose hope

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Hope is the buoy of life. Successful people never back down, instead, they fight hard with the circumstances to achieve their tasks. To illustrate, Jk Rowling, an eminent writer, stated that she had suicidal thoughts and hard time raising her child. Moreover, she lost her mother, got divorced and had to fight chronic depression. However, she conquered the adverse time and became one of the best authors in the world, and of course a  billionaire.

3. Failure cannot stop them

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High-fliers have the ability to rise when they fall. Jack Maa, applied to a dozen jobs but got rejected including Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Furthermore, he applied to Harvard University 10 times but got rejected. Jack Maa, successfully defeated hard times and now the world knows him as the owner of Ali Baba.

 4. Billionaires do not fear change

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Many of us are reluctant to leave the cozy environment we live in but those who want to do something extraordinary, strive hard. Shahid Khan, A Pakistani-American billionaire, left Pakistan at the age of 16 and got settled in the USA. In the USA he had to live in a hostel for 60$ per month, he also had to work as a dish cleaner. Eventually, he started an automobile business and is now the billionaire. His net worth is more than 7 billion$.

5. The power of positivity

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Hotshots remain positive even in adverse situations. Billionaires accept the challenges of life and try to logically address the problems. Successful people never fell prey to emotions. Besides, they not only fight negativity but always come up with a positive solution to every problem they face.

6. Consistency is the key

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We all have heard the story of “rabbit and turtle” how many of us really apply the lesson we got from it in our lives? The billionaires have taken this childhood story, too seriously. They always remain consistent towards their desired goal. If Steve Jobs had not been consistent in his odyssey, Apple would not have published exceptionally great I Phones. 

7. Successful people don’t envy others success

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Jealousy is the disease that yields nothing good. Highly successful people do not envy other’s success instead they feel joy for them and keep focusing on their own goals 

All in all, we all are human beings, equal in our physical and mental capabilities. The only difference is one person is willing to toil and the other one succumbs to hardships. Whoever follows the above-mentioned points would definitely become successful.

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