Here’s How Foreigners Are Reacting to Imran Khan’s Victory Speech!


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People all over the world are sniffing the revolutionary change that was promised by Imran Khan for years. After Khan won the 2018 general elections of Pakistan, he came in front of the camera and addressed the nation, saying all the things we wanted to hear. From the recent Balochistan suicide attacks to the rights of the minorities and to greater issues such as economy of Pakistan, Khan gave every Pakistani the hope they were looking for.

Given the international presence Khan has, every foreign channel was reporting on Khan’s victory speech. Not only was his speech aired live, but articles and analysis were made in regards to PTI and Imran Khan’s possible future in the next 5 years.

However, what really stood out was the way the foreigners reacted to the prime minister elect’s victory speech.

The New York Times Shared Clips of Imran Khan’s Speech on their Facebook

For the foreigners, subtitles were also added to the video.

Those interested in politics were aware of the struggle and the wait Imran Khan had made to get to this position.

While Listening to his Speech, Here’s What the Foreigners Were Seen Commenting About Imran Khan:


We Should All!





It makes us feel proud how Imran Khan, the face of Pakistan is being perceived by many across the globe. Let’s hope to see the change we were promised!

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