Chand Nawab Does It Again And This Time, He Has A Message For Shehbaz Sharif


Chand Nawab Does It Again And This Time, He Has A Message For Shehbaz Sharif


Shehbaz Sharif visited Karachi for the election campaign. People were half confused and half happy. While Twitter was flooded with love and some hate when the ticker started rolling on the TV screen where talking in a press conference he said, “Pan khanay walon k ‘Karanchi’ ko Lahore banaonga” Like, seriously?? People were really shocked to see this. Someone even asked if it’s true or photoshopped but (un)fortunately it was true and his trolling was not welcomed by many.

“Karanchi” is better off without you

So, the people of Karachi were all set to reply to Mr. Shehbaz Sharif with their very own style! Some congratulated him with utter sarcasm saying,”We are glad to know that people from abroad are coming to Lahore for their medical checkup, students are moving in for their higher education. Now that all this is done, we’d be glad to know you’ll make Karachi as Lahore.”

But everyone aside, Lahore can’t have someone who’s one in a billion. THE CHAND NAWAB!

Not again Chand Nawab Sahib . HILARIOUS OMG !!!

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Bhaeee! Chand Nawab is world famous! Jokes apart. Fun fact; Chand Nawab’s journalism is famous till India. When they imitated him in their movie. Aur kia chahye? So, it was important for Karachi to give Shehbaz Sharif a Chand Nawab style reply. IT WAS IMPORTANT!

So, somehow Shehbaz Sharif entered the age-old area of PPP Lyari for his election campaign and there he sang too.

Shehbaz went there and sang with the local singers Ahmed Rushdi’s “Akely na jana.”

“I accepted the demand of the people of Karachi 🙂 “Akelay na jaana, hamain chhorh kar tum – tumharay bina hum bala kia jiyain gy” with sincere thanks for their warm welcome! A pleasure to sing along with the singers who were performing!” He tweeted later.

Okayyyy! Hope we are getting something good apart from the “not needed” sarcasm! 😉

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