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Meet Babar & Gabbar Two Lions Who Roam Freely In A Multani’s House But Pakistanis Are Not Too Impressed

Meet Babar & Gabbar – Two Lions Who Roam Freely In A Multani’s House But Pakistanis Are Not Too Impressed!

People from different ethnicity in the world have different habits and passions, but Pakistanis are always a little too different in that mannerism too! It won't be a surprise that…

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This Guy in Karachi just Challenged the Law Enforcement Agencies and He’s in Serious Trouble!

Getting viral on the internet seems to be the easiest way to claim fame but one should know the limits while doing so. Recently, a citizen from Karachi got himself…

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Enthusiastic PML-N Workers Danced Over Our National Flag And It Is Not Acceptable!

Pakistan's flag is not just a piece of cloth but a symbol of patriotism, that reminds us of all the struggles after which we got independence. It's our national identity…

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A Girl Lost Rs. 4 Lakhs Due To The UBL Skimming Fraud And She’s Super Angry!

Every sector of this nation seems to be falling a prey in the hands of the fraudsters which keep on finding new ways to trick the innocent citizens. The financial…

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Woman Sexually Abused On Train Going From Lahore To Karachi By Railway Employees!

Sexual abuse has always been a sensitive issue that has created outrage many times but failed to make it stop maybe because it has always been a taboo. Considering the…

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Latest CCTV Footage of Zainab’s Murder Case Leads to Different Clues

Pakistanis are prone to the silent culture which till date has kept many quiet instead of addressing the brutal issue of harassment. Some days back, 7-year-old Zainab Amin's body was…

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Zainab Case: This Video Has Important Information Which Might Help Catch The Culprit

Zainab, a resident of Road Kot area of Kasur, had gone missing on January 4 when she ventured out of the house. Her body was found in a garbage pile…

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[Video] Rat Spotted Lingering In Food At a Famous Bakery Shop In Karachi

Hygiene and cleanliness are one of the greatest priorities for eateries, cafes or any outlet selling food. Failure to maintain the fundamental standards of cleanliness can cause massive repercussions. Not…

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Jamshed Dasti Alleges Punjab Police of Torturing and Starving Him and Pakistanis Stand In His Support

Jamshed Dasti is not prominently a renowned figure in Pakistani politics but he is a member of National of Assembly and represents Awami Raj Party. Yesterday, a viral video featuring…

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Tabdeeli – Winds of Change: What Imran Khan Can Learn from Jeremy Corbyn

The word ‘tabdeeli’ or change, echoes in all quarters of Pakistan. Whilst most use it as a gimmick today, once upon a time, it was the start of a revolution…

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