Author: Shaikh Mehmood

12 Unknown Facts About Pakistan’s Most Prestigious Force, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)!

With a highly-capable and modern military force, Pakistan is also the only nuclear-armed Islamic country of the world. But, Pakistan might never have achieved this zenith without an incredibly powerful…

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Bilawal Bhutto Just Asked PM Imran Khan If He ‘Liked The Umpire’s Ungli’ And The Internet Is Exploding!

At times, Pakistani politics is better entertainment than the mainstream comedy… Bag of hollow promises, bad-mouthing, and trash talking have become the pristine elements of our politics. A recent example…

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Hadiqa Kiani Just Schooled Millennial Trolls Who Called Her ‘Aunty’ And Logon Ko Unki Naani Yaad Dila Di!

Famous Pakistani vocalist, Hadiq Kiyani was recently subjected to comments when a female follower commented on her Instagram account saying, "Aunty, ab tumhari Allah Allah karne ki age hai". Hadiqa…

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Uproar In Pakistan After Nashwa’s Tragic Case Leaves Hospital Darul Sehat Sealed And It’s A Win!

On April 14, faith in humanity ended when a nine-month-old baby Nashwa was treated wrong by the staff of Darul Sehat Hospital. Nashwa was brought to the hospital by her…

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Pictures Of Bilawal Bhutto And Hamid Mir With A ‘Lifafa’ In His Pocket Have Stirred A Huge Storm On Social Media!

Recently, an image went viral on Social media where popular journalist and senior anchorperson, Hamid Mir could be seen greeting with the Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, Bilawal Zardari… This…

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Pak - Iran Story - Parhlo

Iran’s Future Supreme Leader Labels Pakistan As One Of The Strongest Islamic Superpowers In The World!

Appceting the invitation of Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, Imran Khan paid a high-level visit to Iran favoring delegate-level talks on important matters of mutual concern; including security, trade, and regional…

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Dr. Aafia Story - Parhlo

Foreign Office Just Revealed Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Doesn’t Want To Return To Pakistan And All Those Years, Wasted!

A Biology graduate from world’s topmost University, MIT and having  Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Brandies University, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, an incredibly bright mind with big dreams to accomplish the extraordinary…

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This Pakistani Guy Made Shehbaz Sharif Look Like A ‘Chor’ In Front Of Marks & Spencer And It’s Kinda Unethical!

When it comes to the art of trolling, Pakistanis are second to none – especially when it comes to dragging the politicians with their tongue, the sarcasm of our people…

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Visually-Impaired Civil Judge Yousaf Saleem Breaks Record For Settling 20 Cases In Three Months!

Setting a remarkable benchmark, Yousaf Saleem, the first ever bind judge of Pakistan has set new precedents by deciding 20 cases in just three months. No Success without Struggle… But,…

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Omar Ayub Trolls Bilawal Bhutto Stating ZAB Called Ayub Khan His ‘Daddy’ And What Is This Siyasat!

The National Assembly of Pakistan witnessed ruckus on Monday when the opposition and treasury benches came face-to-face in heated exchange of words. It began when Chairman Pakistan People’s Party, Bilawal…

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