12 Unknown Facts About Pakistan’s Most Prestigious Force, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)!


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With a highly-capable and modern military force, Pakistan is also the only nuclear-armed Islamic country of the world. But, Pakistan might never have achieved this zenith without an incredibly powerful intelligence agency…

ISI Facts - Parhlo

Recognized and lauded by military professionals around the globe, ISI is something which makes every Pakistani proud. And in fact, it is the heroics of their unsung heroes which guarantees a peaceful sleep to their people. No one knows much about this prestigious body, yet we still know a lot.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about the Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan;

ISI was not founded by a Pakistani

Yes, you read it right… One of the many amazing facts about the ISI is that it was co-founded by Robert Cawthome who was born in Australia and was a major general in the British Indian Army in British India. After the independence of Pakistan and India, he moved to Pakistan and joined the newly formed Pakistan army. He formed the Pakistan Army Corps of Signals and served as the Deputy Chief of Staff in the army. Cawthome founded the Inter-Services Intelligence in 1948 along with Syed Shahid Hamid.

ISI is the world’s top-most secret services intelligence agencies

ISI Facts - Parhlo

ISI is ranked as the number 1 intelligence agency by a US News hub. It is also known throughout the world for its professionalism and strong intelligence network. ISI has intercepted hundreds of activities before they could be executed.

No Agent Ever Caught

ISI Facts - Parhlo

ISI has zero double-agent rate in the whole world. US news report also ranked ISI as the topmost intelligence, which is endorsed by many prominent defense analysts around the world. Examples include Col. Imam and Khalid Khawaja.

The Largest Intelligence Agency in the World

ISI Facts - Parhlo

The ISI has closed to 10,000 agents working in the field worldwide who are working in the shadows to neutralize adversaries of the country and protect our most valuable assets.

The Least Funded Agency of the World

Surprisingly, ISI is also the world’s least funded agency. Maybe this is because the agents working for the ISI use un-conventional and simpler ways to perform espionage – avoiding the use of high-tech instruments which are most vulnerable to getting traced.

A seemingly ordinary Head Quarter

ISI Facts - Parhlo

Apparently, the Head Quarter of the topmost intelligence agency of the world does not go much with its global reputation… Declan Walsh of The Guardian said that the entrance is “suitably discreet: no sign, just a plainclothes officer packing a ‘pistawl’ who directs visitors through a chicane of barriers, soldiers and sniffer dogs. Walsh said that the complex “resembles a well-funded private university” and that the buildings are “neatly tended,” the lawns are “smooth,” and the fountains are “tinkling.”

Countering MOSSAD and RAW

ISI Facts - Parhlo

Back in 80’s Mossad, Israel Premier Intelligence Agency and R&AW conspired to eye Pakistani nuclear reactors but thanks to the ISI, their plan was decoded. Thanks to the ISI, when two fighter jets of Israel flew near Pathankot, the Pakistan Air-Force was already prepared to take them down and sent them back with a befitting response.

Protecting Nuclear Assets

ISI Facts - Parhlo

Pakistan initially marked many places for nuclear testing. Later Chaghi, Balochistan was finalized. C-130 transport planes of Pakistan Air-Force were used for transportation of equipment. Each plane was guarded by 6 newly acquired F-16s. In this way, ISI made Nuclear testing successful. CIA and other intelligence agencies are struggling for a decade to locate Pakistan Nuclear Assets. But thanks to ISI who has not maintained unbreakable security but also secrecy.

Operation Cyclone

ISI Facts - Parhlo

ISI & CIA with mutual coordination launched operation Cyclone in Afghanistan to fail the invasion of USSR. It continued from 1979-1988. The US provided 8 billion Dollars for its support.

Kargil War, a Victory for the ISI

ISI Facts - Parhlo

Indo-Pak border is the most heavily guarded border of the world. During the Kargil war, ISI caught their Indian counterparts completely off-guard. Indians had no information about the infiltration until they were told by the locals about strangers occupying the post.


INTER-SERVICES INTELLIGENCE (ISI) PAKISTAN | WORLD’S MOST POTENT GHOST FORCEThe Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (Inter-Services Intelligence) is the premier intelligence service of Pakistan, founded in 1948. It has responsibilities of collecting information of critical national security and intelligence assessment for Government of Pakistan.American Crime News declared Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence as world’s best and strongest intelligence agency above CIA and MI6; headquartered in Shahrah-e-Soharwardi in Islamabad. ISI is most known and famous agency among three agencies working in Pakistan; others are Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Military Intelligence (MI). ISI is known as command immense power in the Pakistani establishment, referred to principle brainpower organization of the country.

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