Aamir Liaquat Will Act As Shaheed Burhan Wani Of Kashmir In His Debut Film And People Are Very Angry!


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Aamir Liaquat is back in the news for all the wrong reasons yet again. Aamir bhai has always been a controversial figure in the Pakistani media industry let it be due to his absurd activities in his Ramzan transmission, his second marriage or politics. Now he is all set to play the role of Burhani Wani, a Kashmiri freedom fighter. And people are really not happy with this decision.

Mockery of the movement.

Kashmiris wholeheartedly oppose this choice of the actor playing Burhan Wani and claim that this would be a mockery of the freedom movement started in Kashmir by Burhan Wani shaheed. And maybe they are right to say that so. The role might just no be fit for Aamir bhai to play.

How can a 50-year-old play a 20-year-old?

Well, Aamir Khan did that in Rang De Basanti and PK too, play the role of a college student at his age. But you really can’t become an actor like Aamir Khan just because your name is Aamir, Aamir bhai. You are 50 and Burhan was in his 20s. How can you give justice to the role?

Is there a shortage of actors in Pakistan?

It definitely is beyond our comprehension that did we really have no choice but have Aamir Liaquat for such an important role? We have so much talent in our industry that could have been fit to play the role of Burhan Wani. But keeping all that aside, the directors and producers of this film decided to go with none other than Aamir Liaquat.

People are also calling Aamir Liaqat a disgrace.

Not only people are criticizing Aamir Liaquat for being unsuitable for the role, instead, but they are also calling him cheap and they say that it would be a disgrace to their hero Burhan Wani if Aamir plays the role. And they might be right, after all, this ain’t no Ghalib film Aamir Bhai. This stuff is serious.

Burhan Wani was the leader of Hizbul, a freedom-seeking group of Kashmir. Burhan Wani embraced Shahadat at the age of 22 and became a hero for Kashmiris and for people all over the world who have long waited for Kashmir’s freedom. A biopic made on Burhan Wani is a great gesture and is definitely necessary but maybe letting Aamir Liaquat play the role of Burhan Wani is really not a wise choice.

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