Woman Runs Away From Dar-ul-Aman After Being Abused And It Is Horrifying


Woman Runs Away From Dar-ul-Aman After Being Abused And It Is Horrifying


Darul-Aman is self-explanatory that it is a place for shelter. Darul Aman provides shelter to women who are separated by their families under bad circumstances. But lately, many stories started circulating around regarding the whereabouts of the institute. These institutes are not backed by any government department, no one to look after, no one to take the accountability of the activities.

What’s the credibility of an institute which is supposed to provide shelter to torn and tormented women?! But the sad reality is that the women who come for shelter and need a place to hide their head, are actually more vulnerable in Darul Aman than any other place.

It was told by the people that woman are harassed at Darul Aman but something erupted on the internet and it is not avoidable. A woman was raped in Darul Aman and wanted to run away but she was dragged on the road to be taken back!

Here’s the glimpse of the act!

The woman pleaded with people to be taken to the doctor but nobody heard her cry. Alas!

The helplessness of the woman says it all! She was crying in front of many men around her but the culprit still has the audacity to drag her and bring her along.

It was only the camera that her voice is being heard by many people and the REAL face of Darul Aman is being shown. It was later told by a woman of Darul Aman that in the name of providing safe shelter many young girls are brought to Darul Aman but are later abused physically!

Who is to take action against such ruthless humans? Why are they so fearless? Why are these women so vulnerable to them? How can these men have the audacity to even touch any of these women who are coming for shelter?

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