This Journalist Gets Flaked by Pakistanis after He Mocked Haider Abbas Rizvi for Driving an Uber


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Haider Abbas Rizvi, a prominent member of the MQM Rabitta Committee, recently stormed the headlines when he was pictured as an Uber driver registered on the app. Thereafter, we saw an uproar on social media. Mr. Haider Abbas Rizvi is a recognizable face, especially to Karachiites. He has been a leading member of MQM-P and has gained massive support from people for long now.

Source: Pakistan Defence

Many people insensitively mocked him for being employed at Uber. Normally, it is a myth among the status quo in Pakistan that all politics reap exuberant benefits and plunder the country using their power. That is true but that is not completely true, however. One cannot judge or either offer anyone a clean slate.

So, Haider Abbas Rizvi is being mocked by many people for earning fair in another country and it has brought us the shame to even think why would people mock it… Pakistanis on social media are actively bashing the trolls who mock him for it. To our surprise, a prominent journalist on social media just took a jab at him…

Here is what he tweeted upon the arrival of Haider Abbas Rizvi in Karachi

“Driving Uber ages you quickly”- he wrote.

It has enraged many Pakistanis on social media. People are calling out him on such words and absolutely condemn any sort of trolls against him. It’s a decent matter and a humble question that why would anyone be made fun of him for earning a fair livelihood? Are we too accustomed to politicians plundering our country?

Here’s how everyone reacted to the tweet:


That’s the perspective

Seriously, what?

Right on point!

No one should be shamed for driving a cab and there should be no stigma in driving cabs for anyone. He appears to be supporting his family in a decent way and should rather be encouraged instead of being bullied.

What do you guys think?

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