Shaniera Akram Savagely Trolled Kangana Ranaut After The Indo-Pak Fiasco And Bhabi Ne Tou Sab Ka Dil Hi Jeet Liya -

Shaniera Akram Savagely Trolled Kangana Ranaut After The Indo-Pak Fiasco And Bhabi Ne Tou Sab Ka Dil Hi Jeet Liya!


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Recently, when Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut bad mouthed Pakistan after the Pulwama terror attack – a lot of people took Twitter to express their emotions and were not happy with the Simran actress. In an interview, Ranaut said that we need to take decisive actions or else our silence will be misunderstood for our cowardice.

To her above statement and encouraging war between Pakistan and India, this how people reacted…

Some really mocked her…

This too…

Anyway, moving forward – Ranaut recently decided to gift herself a ten-day silence for her 32nd birthday and she stated in an interview, “I have been practicing yoga since I was around 16-17. The program I am about to attend is an advanced one. I had been meaning to do this for a while now. This year, it happened to fall close to my birthday. Ten days of silence is a big commitment, but I wanted it to be a birthday present for myself.” 

Shaneira trolls kangana ranaut
Source/ Indian Express

To the above statement, Shaniera Akram‏ – the wife of former left-arm fast bowler and Pakistan cricket captain Wasim Akram took Twitter to express her views and we must say she is savage AF! She wrote “Really? Only ten? You just take as much time as you want love….”


After reading her statement, we can’t help but guffaw!

Source/ Giphy

One user wrote that Shaneira is not coming slow. LOL

Another user appreciated her tweet

Well said indeed!

Yeah, she did. Totally!

Hell yeah! Also, she’s totally on point!

Mic drop for Shaniera.

We’re clapping with you on this!

Such details for such comments are best!

Right after Kangana was slammed after Shaniera Akram people really took their sweet time to bash and show Kangana her place. I guess this is what you get what you bad mouth Pakistan and comment something that’s inappropriate about the country. Its fun to see how everyone from celebs to local citizens has partaken in showing India its place after they intruded our LOC.

Let’s see what’s more to come from this entire incident and guys, let’s never forget how savage Shaniera Akram is! Looks like a wife of a bowler knows her ways to be an all rounder!

Let us know if there’s something more you’d like to add to this story.

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