PTV Makes Mother Of Typos Restarting PM Imran Khan's "Begging" Fears!


PTV Makes Mother Of Typos Restarting PM Imran Khan’s “Begging” Fears!


Imran Khan was sworn-in as 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan on August 18, 2018. From that day forward, Imran Khan and his government are being greatly disparaged in the country.

Imran Khan promised during his election campaign that he would not seek the help of International Monetary Fund (IMF). He further said that he would prefer suicide over asking for international financial assistance. Owing to the recent financial crises, the Prime minister asked Saudia Arabia and is now seeking the help of China to overcome Pakistan’s financial crises. This step of Imran Khan’s wreaked havoc on the media; his opponents kept referring to him as a ‘beggar’.

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In this scenario, Imran Khan’s recent speech where he was addressing a ceremony at a central party school in Beijing, the state-owned broadcaster PTV made an enormous error writing ‘Begging’ instead of ‘Beijing’ on the left corner of the screen. This event drew the attention of every Pakistani, it somehow seconded the narrative of Imran Khan’s opponents.

The shameful act of PTV that stirred huge debate in Pakistan, can be clearly seen in the video!

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Addressing Central Party School of the Communist Party of China in Beijing (04.11.18)

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Addressing Central Party School of the Communist Party of China in Beijing (04.11.18) #PTI #PMIKVisitsChina

Posted by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Sunday, November 4, 2018

However, Pakistan Television Network (PTV) has apologized on Twitter in the following words: “Today, during a live address of the Prime Minister during his ongoing visit to China, a typographical error took place, which remained on screen for 20 seconds and later removed. This incident is regrettable. Strict action has been initiated under rules against concerned officials.” Many people are debating that a committee should be built for a thorough investigation of the incident as it is a matter of shame for Pakistan Television Network.

People in Pakistan are yet to know whether it was a deliberate act or it happened due to a typography mistake. It has become an irony in the social circles of Pakistan. This incident has again given rise to the criticism against the Prime minister. People avidly reacted to the incident on social media.

Undoubtedly, it’s ironic

Military and PTV together?

This person is not only making fun of  ”Begging” but calling Imran Khan the selected PM

Calling PM a “Certified beggar”? really

Rightly said, Beijing to Begging

This man is calling it a conspiracy

Indeed, it speaks!

We can’t criticize PM for this act of PTV but only for his policies!

A simple typo can create a huge controversy, was this one a mistake or a purposeful act? The government should thoroughly probe into this matter in order to avoid any irreverence in the future.

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