This Guy Just Shared His Two Cents On The Whole Patari Fiasco And You Need To See This


This Guy Just Shared His Two Cents On The Whole Patari Fiasco And You Need To See This


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Patari, if you might not have heard about is a very well known Service that provides online music all over Pakistan with the largest streaming service.

Recently, It had made news all over the media due to harassment allegations on the CEO of Patari, Khalid Bajwa due to which he had to step down his role in the company and resign. Soon after, the company had made an official statement that Mr. Bajwa will no longer be a part of the team and also carried out an investigation themselves.

After this, we found out that the entire team of Patari comprising of 6 official members had also submitted a resignation due to the bad influence and environment of the company prior to the harassment allegations.

The members had also made tweets on their twitter accounts, sharing with us the actual happenings behind the curtains which hit as a massive shock to us.

And then we recently came across this!


Here’s the first tweet made by Ahmer Naqvi, the acting CEO of Patari Yesterday:

Furthermore, the rest of the members had also spoken out about leaving Patari as it had already done too much damage:

One member also stated that she never got paid for the job anyway which is why she left:

Besides this, there was also a rumor that Khalid Bajwa has been reassigned as the CEO of Patari once again, but these rumors were made clear on Patari’s official twitter account today stating that Rabeel Warraich will take over the position as the CEO of Patari:

Seeing all of this spread like fire on the news and social media, people started sharing their views as to where Patari exactly went wrong and what had to be done in situations where a company faces toxicity.


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