Panama Verdict: Nawabo ki Politics or Bechari Awam – Few Innocent Questions


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#NawazSharif disqualified
#ImranKhan and Tareen proving their assets are legal..!

Half Nation was celebrating
Half was commiting Toheen e Adalat
Half planning how to ban #NAB

Whilst in Capital of the country Islamabad residents of sector G-9 haven’t received water for last 3 weeks. On my return we had to arrange for this water tanker in PKR. 1500

#PanamaVerdict #NawazSharif disqualified #ImranKhan n Tareen proving their assets are legal…..!Half Nation was…

Posted by Sheikh Hassan on Friday, July 28, 2017

Even the basics of the citizens are being neglected. Who is responsible for that? These corrupt Politicians who are businessmen and landlords and Jageerdar.

I suggest that there should be a limit in the assets of those who want to serve Pakistan.

If PMLN is so loyal to country than fine why don’t they submit their London flats and empire to national treasure?

If Imran and Tareen are so loyal can they give up BaniGala Palace and sugar Mills in public favor?

Bilawal Zardari Bhai ap Tu bs Apny papa ky Swiss Banks open krva do Agr Itny loyal ho Baki palace beshak Rene do….!

Citizens of Capital didn’t have water today.
This reminds me of a West Indian Song….!

A**hole O O A**hole
#Nawaz is an a**hole
#Imran is an a**hole
#Bilawal is an a**hole
His papa also an a**hole
We don’t have water even to wash our a**hole
#Altaf is an a**hole
Mostly #politicians are an a**hole
#Citizens defying Political facts are an a**hole

Mr. Ahsan Iqbal (Minister Planning & Development) ko Planning Award do Bhai
Mr. Abid Sher Ali (Minister Water & Power) ko Water Award de do koi

Judiciary took a fair decision, well and good… So, what’s next for us? Will we see improvement? Paani tou khol do bhai…

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