The New Islamabad Airport Is In Terrible Condition and Here’s How It Looks Now!


Everyone was excited and so were we…

The day we were long waiting for; finally arrived. Yes, the locals living in Pakistan were excited with joy when the news of the new Islamabad airport hit our ears. It was since last year, in August, that we kept hearing about the inauguration of the new airport. However, that day finally arrived and it was open to the public on 3rd May 2018.

The fancy new airport was gleaming and caught everyone’s attention. The pictures that made rounds on the internet took everyone by surprise and it was something that we all were super proud of as it is the biggest airport in Pakistan.

But, it all went down the drain. Yes, the excitement, the proud feels and what not. After a couple of days of operation, the airport suffered from many technical difficulties that created havoc amongst the general public traveling through it.

Remember this?

Here are some recent pictures of the new Islamabad airport!

*Truly heartbreaking*

Workers were seen on their phones instead of their duties…

Cigarette buds were found inside the plant pots placed at the airport…

How can people be so careless?

No seating arrangements for the public

This is indeed very disappointing and shocking at the same time. Who is to be blamed here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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