These Anchors Kept Insulting Nasir Khan Jan On Their Live Show And Their Behaviour Is A Disgrace!


These Anchors Kept Insulting Nasir Khan Jan On Their Live Show And Their Behaviour Is A Disgrace!


Nasir Khan Jaan is a social media sensation who would take over every Pakistani’s screen whenever he posts a funny video. He is an entertainer that hails from a rather conservative mountainous region of Lower Dir in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Nasir, although bringing smiles on everyone’s faces, unfortunately, had received all sorts of criticism on his videos; to the point that it went out of hand and the criticism turned into blatant abuse. He is a social media celebrity nonetheless and Nasir has worked hard to reach where he is.

Recently. he was invited to be the guest at a morning show and the two hosts hurled nasty snide remarks at Nasir Khan Jan. It was clear that he wasn’t invited there for a genuine interview that would discuss his work, his journey, and transformation. In fact, he was called there to be made a complete utter fool of. The male host, Muhammad Shuaeb early showed hostile behavior as he continued to ask rude questions in a very rude tone, like “What’s the maximum amount you have made off of your videos” and “Have your parents never said anything to you” to which Nasir replied that they are proud of him.

He wasn’t talking but in fact, shouting at Nasir. Disgusting!

This interview reached far and wide and Pakistani’s are angered at the treatment Nasir Khan received

This kind of journalism needs to end. Pathetic and unprofessional.

Trolling is indeed not allowed. The fact that he did that on a live TV show is even more disappointing.

Indeed, the male anchor needs to get off his high horse.

Make that 1000 slaps, please.

Absolutely unprofessional of these Samaa morning show hosts that do not know the basic etiquettes of inviting someone as a guest. You do not insult them or their work and pass your own judgments. I hope serious action against him will be taken as soon as possible.

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