Indians Are Trolling PM Narendra Modi After The Trailer Of His Biopic And LOL, The Memes Are Next level

Indians Are Trolling PM Narendra Modi After The Trailer Of His Biopic And LOL, The Memes Are Next level!


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The mastermind, Narendra Modi who was allegedly behind the Pulwama incident. Who later made it possible to create a war-like situation in two nuclear countries. He even made it clear that both countries should hate each other enough to never business together EVER. Both the countries removed movies from cinemas of the other enemy country.

He did this all just to bring solidarity among Indians, just to show the nation how much he cares for its people. But in reality, all he did was for the upcoming election in India.

Wah wah! *Face plam*


He didn’t stop here, he’s doing all he can to promote himself. Modi should be a case study for those who want to learn “self-branding”! Because JUST before the election his biopic is releasing and guess what his trailer is already out!  *bangs head*

Well, quite a few Indians are offended and others are just being funny about this biopic!

Just like Jawed Akhtar’s name was dragged in the movie and he DID NOT like this act AT ALL! Ouch!

But the other memes are just hilarious, sometimes a little dark but it serves the purpose. No? Like this one?

And if you fail to get the point being made here, just look at this meme and you might get a good laugh! Ugghh! Playing the blind game here. Geddit?

Indeed, a true story! So, true that almost hard to believe! Ary ary.

Kahan sy aty hain esy loh? Seriously? UNESCO? WTH!

Mutual feelingz bro, sem to sem!

Too cinematic, mesmerizing almost! *cries in corner*

How can someone make such a movie? Is this even possible? Well, Indians are just savage. They trolled Modi enough to get the movie a FULL STOP. Only if that’s possible. But still who have enough guts to watch this “true story” the movie is releasing on 5th of April, please bring medical aid, just in case, you know! Haha!

Having said that, what else is the purpose of this movie, he had 5 years in his tenure to do that but he chooses the right time to hit the nail. Let’s see if a vast majority of Indians are affected by this so-called emotional true story and still casts a vote to Modi! Although it would be quite unfortunate oh well, he has had Donald Trump has people’s elect President of the US!

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