An Ardent Pakistani Lover Robs Neighbour To Acquire His Girlfriend A Smart Phone And Kia Din Agaye Hain!


An Ardent Pakistani Lover Robs Neighbour To Acquire His Girlfriend A Smart Phone And Kia Din Agaye Hain!


We often come across lovers that are willing to do anything for their beloved in order to get satisfaction. A similar incident was reported and has left every Pakistani in a state of shock. Yes, I would like to quote a very famous saying here:

“Aise barhay barhay shehron mein, aisi choti choti baaten hoti rehti hain”.

In Gujranwala, Pakistan, love is in the air! Shahid, along with his cousin Sarfaraz broke into a neighbor’s house and had stolen an Android smartphone and 100,000 rupees in cash. According to Dunya News, Shahid did the decoity owing to the wish of his girlfriend for a smartphone.

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DSP Crime Investigation Agency (CIA), Imran Abbas, claimed the culprits are apprehended coupled with cash, bike, cell phone and a gun. CIA caught the lover by tracking the stolen cell phone. In the investigation, Shahid revealed that he had committed the crime after watching the movie of Bollywood star, Sanjay Dutt and for the desire of his girlfriend.
Source: Dunya news
As per the sources, Shahid and Sarfaraz have no reported criminal activity in the past; it was their first crime. The crime mainly occurred due to the wish of Shahid’s Girlfriend; his cousin Sarfaraz had nothing to do with their affair.
It’s been rightly said by Jim Morrison, “Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” The movie of Sanjay Dutt controlled the mind of Shahid and motivated the chap for the robbery. Alas! If he hadn’t watched that movie, things would have been different today.
Source: scitechconnect

It is high time that we must understand the difference between love and affection. Love is something positive that never leads one to bleakness, crime or to any egoistic decision. In true love, one never demands, judges and wishes something that is hard to get by a lover. On the contrary, affection is timely which is driven by ego.

One can go to any extent to fulfill the demands of one’s lover – as Shahid did. Thus, one does so much to seek love from the other by hook or by crook. It is significant to add here that once a lover completely gains control over the beloved, affection fades away and the relationship dies; this differentiates love from affection.

Source: Inspiring tips
The story of Shahid is a lesson for the young generation who are unable to control their feelings for a beloved. As technology is rapidly progressing and the world is becoming globalized, one needs to be cautious of what they are doing and for whom they are taking risks. The theory of Constructivism argues that people behave in certain ways due to their different construction of a  mind; therefore, it is pertinent for the religious scholars, the seers of the society and media to construct the minds of people in a positive manner.
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