This Man Claims Quaid e Azam Made Him The President And Kaunsa Nasha Kiya Hai, Bhai?


This Man Claims Quaid e Azam Made Him The President And Kaunsa Nasha Kiya Hai, Bhai?


We live in a world, where we come across various ideas, people and incidents on a daily basis. Some of them are positive, some negative and a few of them are bizarre. Just recently, a video surfaced on the internet and has left everyone in shock!

An unidentified person, in a video, proclaimed himself the president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. According to him, in a dream, he saw Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and Allama Muhammad Iqbal, taking oath from him and asked him to recite four Quranic surahs and then they made him the president of Pakistan. This man further claimed that Quaid and Allama told him to go to a TV station and on media to declare this news.

Check out this video!

God knows, who this person is, but in the era of enlightenment, he is spreading something of medieval time. Logically, this happens when one is seriously facing acute mental illness or the one is quite overconfident. Furthermore, some people love to do prophecies and like to be called Nostradamus – maybe he is one of them.

Source: Doctor who wiki
Sociologists, consider such people as a good example of ”ambivalent roles”. Sociologists argue that conflict in roles occur when one person confuses one’s personality with any other role of a society. When one cannot go with the ascribed role that society has provided to the one, it creates a role dilemma and confusion in one’s personality which leads to insanity.

Before the period of Renaissance, the clergy used to control the people of Europe by similar declarations. History bears testimony to the fact, patriarchal society of Europe along with the clergy portrayed woman as a witch. Lecky, a famous historian says, “women was a represented as the door of hell, as the mother of all human ill.”  The clergy used to propagate all this by telling people the same story of dreams. Therefore, in the era of technology, such proclamations have no place in society.
Such illogical promulgations stir funny conversations in various social circles, people usually take them as a jest. However, people driven by emotional factors take them seriously too. We often come across such people who share this kind of stuff: ”share (XYZ) message with 10 people if you do not and anything bad will happen  to you .’

It is not the first time, many others have claimed such dreams before, such as:

Remember the man who claimed to be 11th Caliph in district Khanewal, Punjab?

Source: Express Tribune

And then there was a man claims that he saw the murder of Nawaz Sharif in a dream, and may his dreams come true

The government should take action against all those who are misguiding the nation, and if anyone needs mental help, the government should help them. Besides the government, civil society and media could play a positive part in helping insane dreamers.

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