“Sajjad Mera Hai! Nahi Sajjad Mera Hai!” - Two Women Thrash Each Other Fighting Over This Lucky Pakistani Guy!


“Sajjad Mera Hai! Nahi Sajjad Mera Hai!” – Two Women Thrash Each Other Fighting Over This Lucky Pakistani Guy!


Do you know what’s better than woman fighting with her husband? Let us tell you. It’s two women fighting over a husband! Recently, the news was circulated over social media were two wives were fighting over their beloved husband and the quarrel was witnessed by everyone.

This incident occurred in Faisalabad Kamaliya, where Sajjad reached the court, with his second wife but surprisingly he was caught between his first wife and the second one, both the wives claimed that Sajjad was theirs! Who knew a man could be that handsome that women would be willing to fight over him publicly.

They both were chanting ‘Sajjad Mera Hai’ meaning ‘Sajjad Is Mine’ and Sajjad very conveniently grabbed his second wife’s arm and walked away. Looks like someone was being super smooth! It’s funny how women today are going gaga over men, some are coming from abroad to Pakistan solely to marry the love of their life and some women are fighting over a Sajjad dude in front of a court. It’s true, love is blind (and maybe so are these women).

Apparently, there are few people who consider Sajjad, a lucky man because he is loved by these two women (yahan hum singles ro rahy hain) sigh*

A wife might quarrel with her husband because she might want more attention. Mostly wives quarrel because they might just be bored or want attention from the husband and her husband doesn’t understand it. We’re wondering why these two were arguing over this handsome hunk (NOT). The first wife needs to understand that her ‘so-called loyal’ husband is least interested in being around her. The second needs to understand that if Sajjad could betray his first wife, he could oh so easily break the heart of his second.

Today, news that circulates over social media doesn’t fail to surprise us. Whether its crime or entertainment, people today are going gaga over the silliest things possible and all we can do is sit back, sip a on cup of chaai, laugh and be entertained after watching them. It’s hilarious how these two women are bickering and screaming on top of their lungs for Mr.Sajjad who actually looks like he needs to shave badly!

But oh well, love is blind. Can you all tell us whose side are you on? The first wife, the second or the cool dude Sajjad who is carrying the hearts of these women on the palm of his hand and just don’t care about any upcoming circumstances! Care to add more to this story? Let us know in the comments section that what’s your take on this ‘modern fairy-tale!’

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