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This Lahori Guy's Social Experiment To See Whether Pakistanis Would Cause Damage To Indians For $100,000 Is Unbelievable -

This Lahori Guy’s Social Experiment To See Whether Pakistanis Would Cause Damage To Indians For $100,000 Is Unbelievable!


Pakistanis are always entitled as one of the most intolerant people in the world, due to the unlimited misconceptions, they think that the religion we follow makes us ‘rebels’. The reality is totally different from that! Pakistan is a peaceful country where every difference of opinion doesn’t make you illicit in society, unlike other states where people are ready to harm the other one in the name of religion.

In the current situation where the tension between India and Pakistan is escalating with each passing day, we are all aware of the irresponsibility of Indian media. The way they are reporting and exaggerating the untrue facts on the television screen is just miserable. On the other hand, Pakistani media and public are taking the situation seriously. Yes, they are supporting their soldiers standing on the border and they are making fun of Indian media but they still want peace in the region.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent gesture of sending Indian Airforce pilot Abhinandan Varthaman back to his country is a gesture of peace. Talking to the National Assembly, Imran Khan said that Pakistan wants peace and as a first step to start negotiations with India, Pakistan is releasing IAF pilot.


“Pakistan desires peace. Pakistan intends to work for poverty alleviation, investment, and job creation. We do not intend war. War is not a solution. Escalation is not the answer. If India escalates, then so shall we. This shall not bring forth any plausible solution to our issues,” said Imran Khan during his speech in National Assembly.

The famous Pakistani Youtuber and prankster Haris Awan has conducted a social experiment in Lahore where he is offering a bag full of money for causing damage to Indian people. He is asking everyone that India is our enemy and you just have to press a button so that we could harm them but the response he got, in this war-like situation, was unexpected.

Here Is How People Are Refusing The Offer Of $100,000!

The real purpose of conducting the social experiment is to document the real face of Pakistan which the media doesn’t portray in the world. The video ends with a strong message that we are peace lovers and it is the high time for Pakistanis to show that India isn’t our rival.

Narendra Modi is just politicizing the Pulwama incident as his ministers are busy in calculating the seats of Lok Sabha, Indian people should behave responsibly as war isn’t in favor of anyone in both countries.

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