“Khan Sahab, You Stood up When Everyone Lost Hope” – An Open Letter To Imran Khan


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Dear Imran Khan,

I write this to thank you for your tremendous struggle for this nation. I write this to tell you that you have inspired this nation. You have literally proved the saying ‘Koshish insan karta hai, Kamyabi Allah k hath mein hai.’

Khan sb, you stood up when all lost hope. You stood up when all had given up. You continued fighting when many were ridiculing you. Many were making fun of you, yet you didn’t back off. You continued fighting for Pak Sar Zameen. Your struggle of two decades to end the menace of the disease of corruption that had plagued Pakistan for so many decades has finally paid off.

Today, Pakistan sees a new beginning. Pakistanis sees a new beginning. A beginning where the big thieves of the country are coming under the rule of law. A beginning where the law will be same for rich and the poor. A beginning where no one will escape the clutches of law. A beginning where no one crush the poor of this country.

Mr Khan, you saw a dream and you fulfilled it. You saw a dream to give free cancer care to Pakistanis and you built hospital after hospital for that. You dreamt of good quality education for Pakistanis and you made Namal University which is affiliated with a British university. You dreamt of giving Pakistan the World Cup, you got us that too.

And now, what you have a achieved Khan sahab, you have made indebted generations of Pakistanis. Now this fight against corruption will not stop till all the thieves who looted the poor of this country face justice. We can never ever repay you for what you have done for this country, Khan.

Thank you, Imran Khan. Thank you.

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