PM Imran Khan Has Proposed Death Penalty For Child Abusers And Finally, Insaaf Hoga!


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Pakistan has been facing various child-related issues since the past few years. Previous governments were seen as a big failure in eradicating these elements from society. In 2018, after the Zainab case, many other child abuse cases came upfront and everyone was in shock. In the same year, several other pure souls were lunched to death after being sexually assaulted as no severe punishment was announced to the culprits in the former cases.

Another big decision on Pakistan’s special day.

Yesterday, when the Pakistani awaam was celebrating Youm e Taqbeer in full swing, Prime Minister Imran Khan shared a very important decision with the federal cabinet. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI’s) Firdous Ashiq Awan who is currently serving as PM Khan’s Special Advisor on Information stated that high rise in internet misuse and child abuse cases is seen since the last year and no proper solution was given to it.

PM Imran Khan has put forward his decision to resolve the death penalty for people involved in child abuse cases. He shared his views on the matter during the federal cabinet meeting earlier this week. Ministry of human rights, ministry of law and most importantly the interior ministry were addressed by the PM. All three ministries were given responsibilities to examine, investigate and analyze the existing laws regarding child abuse and other violent subjects.

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PM advising the ministries to showcase a plan to the cabinet as soon as possible.

Firdous Ashiq Awan further added, instructions were given to the called out ministries and asked to create a strategy to put an end to these cases and to share it with the cabinet. The decision was taken to eliminate these sick characters and to create an effective law that can do just with the victim. PM Khan’s decision was widely praised by the awaam and social media was full of tareefain.

Well said!

We salute him too!

The whole nation is thankful right now!


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Pakistanis are more than proud of Imran Khan who is resolving issues which were not even discussed before. His true intentions towards the country definitely separate him from the past corrupt governments.
More power and support to the PM!

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