PM Imran Khan Just Promised That Only 2-3 ‘Tough’ Months Remain For Pakistanis To Go Through!


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PM Imran Khan on Friday 24th of May landed in Karachi for his one day visit and attended Shaukat Khanam Hospital’s fundraiser. He addressed the fundraiser ceremony and mentioned how 75 percent of the poor are receiving world-class treatment for free at this cancer hospital, which is highly commendable.

However, when talking about the worrisome economic conditions of the country that has shaken the households of the majority of Pakistanis, Prime Minister reminisced of the hard times faced when developing the hospital and mentioned how it never ceased to run amidst the crisis faced nearly every week or so, reminding how Pakistan too will survive when the people unite.

“Two More Months Ahead Are Tough”

The Prime minister stated that the coming two months are going to be tough and directed the cause of the economic challenges faced at present towards the previous governments that Imran Khan said have looted the country and plundered it over the span of 10 years. The current situation was inevitable. But not all is lost it, he assured everyone that what he has observed within the nine months, this country is a blessing and the crisis will stay no longer than two months.

According to the Prime Minister’s vision, Pakistan in the coming years would rise to become a country so successful that people from other parts of the world would search for employment here.

“It Would Be Over Within The Next Three Months”

He assured that Pakistan will recover fast in the coming three months moving towards stability and will transform into a thriving country. During the fundraiser speech, Mr. Khan stressed upon the importance of unity among the people and gave the example of Japan and European countries that were left devastated after the atomic bombings and the World War, respectively. However, they re-built themselves from ground-up and this time, stronger and better. He expects the same diligence and perseverance from the people of Pakistan and is confident that they possess these much-needed qualities during these tested times.

Imran Khan advised Pakistan to exercise patience and resilience in the coming two months and was confident that after three months Pakistan will be on the road to recovery and success. What are your thoughts on this? Share with us.

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