This Famous Store in Lahore Kept Selling a Haram Product Even After Being Informed TWICE!


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It is common for superstores in Pakistan to store imported food items because there’s a large range of customers in the market who prefer imported products. On the other hand, the food regulatory authorities have made clear instructions on the fundamental food standards in Pakistan, especially those deemed Haram for consumption.

A popular store in Lahore was found to be selling pork meat. A customer came to report and suggesting that the product had clearly listed the haram item as one of the ingredients. In fact, it was printed in the product case.


It was revealed that the customer requested the store to immediately remove the item. However, the product was not removed after his request and he found it in the same place days after returning to the store in Lahore. This time, he attempted again to get it removed and talked to the store manager in order to get it removed. The store manager readily made sure the product was removed after asking his staff.


Ideally, after getting the product removed on request for the second time, the store would stick to the decision on grounds of morality, at least. However, the customer found the product still stocked there at the store even after he got it removed twice. The said product was restocked.

The general public on social media is seeking immediate action from the Punjab Food Authority after it was made a public issue. Bottom line is that it showed unprofessionalism on the store’s part. Even after being notified for the second time, they still did not take it seriously.


It is very irresponsible behaviour on the store’s part. In other cases, stores are found to be stocking expired products but this one in Lahore was conveniently storing a haram product even after receiving consistent complaints from the customer twice.

It is requested that customers should carefully inspect imported products. Taking responsibility in their own hands as well would do the part and if they encounter a different product, they must notify the stores and get them removed.

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