Gul Bukhari Tweet Just Mocked Pakistani Soldiers Training|


Gul Bukhari Just Mocked Pakistani Soldiers Training In Siachen And People Are Openly Bashing Her For It -

Gul Bukhari Tweet Just Mocked Pakistani Soldiers Training In Siachen And People Are Openly Bashing Her For It!


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Back in June 2018 reporter and journalist, Gul Bukhari was taken while she was on her way to Waqt Studio on Fatima Jinnah road. The journalist is popular for her freedom of expression about the Pakistani army and politics. She has worked for several media groups and is currently contributing to The Nation.

Being a journalist in Pakistan with a voice can sometimes be extremely dangerous and journalists and reporters are always under the scrutiny of what they share.

Recently, Gul Bukhari took Twitter to express her views on the Pakistani Army, she wrote “Poor kids. What on Earth are they being used to sacrifice to conquer or defend? Just look at the futility of the ever-increasing defense budget & the young lives lost. Sharamnak”

Our Pakistani Army strives to protect the country and these men do it with pride. Even in a blizzard, these men are away from their loved ones solely so they provide a safeguard to our country.

Gul Bukhari calling them ‘poor kids’ doesn’t seem like a very ‘journalistic’ thing to do and why is it beyond her to differentiate between slavery and independence?

The responses to the above Tweet caused a stir on Twitter and people were outraged. Here’s how some of the people lashed back…

This user wrote that the reason Gul Bukhari is against the government is probably because she has another nationality.

This user wrote that it’s great that Gul Bukhari flew from Pakistan.


This one user questioned her achievements

Pakistan Army struggles in order to keep us local citizens safe and sane.

The hardships they go through are truly incredible and we’re all aware of that.

This one user tried to give her a shut up call and asked her how can she even call herself Pakistani!

One user wrote, “BB bus inhi ki waja say apnay air conditioned room main beth kay aap yeah tweet kar rahi hain. Defence budget khatam karnay say Aur sari fauj ko bhi border say haya lene say aapko lagta hay kay aapkay neighbours chor denge aapko tu aap Chay hain.

Gul Bukhari has been in the limelight for quite some time and people have been pointing fingers at her since she voices her opinion against Pakistan very frequently. Using the Pakistan Army in such reference just goes to show that low her opinion can be of our unsung heroes.

Let us know what do you all think of this!

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