An Engineer From Faisalabad Stole Rs. 4 Million From An ATM Aur Bhai, Kia Soch Rahe Thay?


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No matter how much a person earns, if he is greedy, he would never be satisfied. Greed has taken many to jail and has never reaped any good to anybody.  In Pakistan, the rate of theft is soaring on the drop of a hat.

Police have apprehended an engineer of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) from Faisalabad. Reportedly, the accused have robbed 4.07 million form a private bank on November 10, 2018. Engineer, Usman, belongs to Lahore, Pakistan.

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According to Sp Madina Town the culprit, Usman was caught owing to the help of CCTV camera and he has confessed to the charges against him. Besides, the accused got caught after two days of the robbery and it was his first robbery. Three days physical remand of the accused has been granted.

Source: Youtube
Banks are always vulnerable and are on high-risk against the threat of theft. Since this robbery was done by a professional engineer, it has raised the fear of bank authorities. The ways of theft are also modernized with the rise of technology. The robbery from a professional engineer was surely not expected by the Bankers.

The culprit, Usman used to work in a private company and is an avid engineer. Usman cunningly robbed the private bank in a span of two days. On day one, he unlocked the ATM machine with a master key and on the next day, he robbed the money. As per the sources, Usman bought a car worth 1,570,000 (PKR) from the robbed money. The police have impounded the car and 2.49 million in cash from the suspect.

Source: Youtube
Moreover, the police arrested the accused, Usman in a fictional, dramatic way. Police used the help of a private bank and called the engineer, Usman under the pretext of fixing an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of the bank. When he arrived, the police apprehended him on war-footings.

Usman surely had not thought of being caught if he had, he would not have robbed the bank. The efficacious effort of the police, especially, of  Sp Madina town is worth praising. Hopefully, the apprehension of Usman will serve a message to all the felons around.

Source: Pakistan today
Bank robberies are aggrandizing in Pakistan. In October, the Special Investigation Unit (SIU)  arrested a gang of thieves in a raid at Peshawar, Pakistan. Similarly, A group of hackers robbed 6 million dollars from bank Islami in an organized cyber attack.
The increase in bank robberies marks multiple questions on the government authorities. It endows the Naya Pakistan needs to escalate its efforts in alleviating the rate of robberies.
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