Donald Trump Just Made A Fool Out Of Himself By Calling Nepal 'Nipple' And Twitter Can't Handle It!


Donald Trump Just Made A Fool Out Of Himself By Calling Nepal ‘Nipple’ And Twitter Can’t Handle It!


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President Donald Trump has a habit of referring to countries, not by their names. First, he declared a host of African nations “shitholes.” Then, he changed Nepal to “nipple” and Bhutan to “button” in a briefing ahead of a meeting with India’s prime minister.

The man has a brain that’s a size of a pea and as sad as it is – he just never fails to entertain us and he has done that on various occasions. Complex pronunciations and time zones are reportedly scrambling Trump’s attempts at diplomatic outreach. He’s not very bright and we’re aware of that.

Trump’s mispronunciation caught a lot of attention and from memes to critics – Trump is now officially a laughing stock for countless people. Here’s how Twitter responded to all this.

This user looks pretty damn upset!


Check this out…

We’re quite amused!

Well, everyone’s laughing!

Oh Yeah!



Not just Trump mispronounced Nepal and Bhutan, he also thought they were a part of India. Trump needs to avoid saying certain words or names when talking to a foreign leader because he’s unsure whether he can pronounce them properly. Trump always must to be respectful and make sure he gets pronunciations right.

Have a look at this video which was shared by CNN, this just might lift you up if you’re feeling low! We promise.

What do you all think about this entire fiasco? Care to share your thoughts on Trump’s massive accomplishment! (NOT)

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