These Five Brave Policemen Were Martyred During The Data Darbar Attack In Lahore While Protecting The Citizens!


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Data Darbar, the largest holy shrine in South Asia became the victim of a vicious event yesterday. An explosion which is being considered as suicidal, took several lives. The structure of the explosion was to target the ‘Elite Force Squad’ assigned for the security of the shrine. The area was cordoned off after the incident and rescue teams and the police were put on high alert. The whole country was saddened after the news broke into the media.

According to the reports, the explosion occurred at around 8:45am near an Elite Force parked mobile. The commuters told the media that its impact was so huge that it shattered the windows of nearby cars and buildings. An emergency was levied in Mayo Hospital and King Edward Medical University. Later, Professor Khalid Gondal, Vice Chancellor of Kind Edward University said that the death toll has risen to 9 while 4 of the wounded are in critical condition.

Arif Nawaz Khan, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Punjab, confirmed that a total of 25 families were affected by the explosion. Out of which 5 on duty police officers and 5 civilians were declared shaheed while the others were reported wounded. He further added that the explosion happened near the entrance gate of women visitors of the shrine. It was later reported that 7 kilograms of explosives were used.

Afterward, a list by the Punjab Police was issued in which the names of the shaheed police officers were revealed. The list includes Head Constable Shahid Nazeer (shaheed), Head Constable Mohammad Sohail (shaheed), Head Constable Gulzar Ahmed (shaheed) and Constable Mohammad Saleem (shaheed). The names were revealed on Punjab Police’s official twitter handle.

Here’s the tweet:

Followed by this tweet, Additional Inspector General of Police, Sukkur, Dr. Jamil Ahmed took to his Twitter and praised the martyrs.

This is what he had to say:

The Punjab Chief Minister’s Spokesperson, Shahbaz Gill told that the explosion was carried of by a 15-year-old boy. The boy was in a fruit shop across the road, came towards the shrine and blew himself.

Lahore is currently on high alert and the officials have set up checkpoints on various places. The police and other agencies are working head-to-head to gather more facts and pieces of evidence regarding the case.

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