Bilawal Bhutto's 'U-turn' After Meeting Nawaz Sharif|


Bilawal Bhutto's U-turn After Meeting Nawaz Sharif Is So Legit That Pakistanis Are Saying Humein Sab Yaad Hai

Bilawal Bhutto’s ‘U-turn’ After Meeting Nawaz Sharif Is So Legit That Pakistanis Are Saying “Humein Sab Yaad Hai!”


Pakistan has had a massive history in “U-turns”!  Well, talking about U-turns, Imran Khan was accused of giving contradictory statements long before he became the PM, and later, he tweeted about it too. Stating that taking U-turns is not a bad thing as long as you are only correcting yourself in the process.

But it seems like there’s someone else who is taking that (in)famous U-turn and people are having a ball!

Bilawal Bhutto, the man who hasn’t actually entered the system yet, tries to act like he’s king of the land, but the reality speaks of some foreign place. Not long ago, when elections were near and Nawaz Sharif was in power, it was Bilawal Bhutto who called Nawaz Sharif “chor” and things like “corruption kay sardar ko ek dhaka aur do” but the way he took a U-turn is just iconic!

Bilawal Bhutto’s smooth U-turn will be marked in history!

Let's have a look at some "Halal U-turns by Billu Rani" 😅.@malak

Posted by Josh-e-Junoon (Tsunami of Imran Khan) on Monday, March 11, 2019

Did you see? Wasn’t it smooth? They way Bilawal said that “Oh, he (Nawaz Sharif) is a patriotic Pakistani, and democratically elect Prime Minister.” All the Pakistanis lost their shit, after watching this amazingly edited video!

Haina?! Ek dum perfect!


U-turn ho toh esa!


Ummm.. never thought about it, but nice question! 😀


This guy has a valid point, BTW!


Apparently, Nawaz Sharif was severely sick and when Maryam Nawaz went to meet him, NS demanded to have proper medical facilities for him. Maryam tweeted about her concern and afterward, Bilawal went to meet him and inquire about his health. After returning from jail, when the media asked him about all the previous statements he gave about NS, well, he took a heroic U-turn and hadh hi hogae yar!

What do you guys think about Bilawal’s U-turn?! Know any die-hard PPP fan? Tag them and have fun! Cheers. 😉

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