ASP Suhai Aziz Talpur Is Receiving Marriage Proposals From China Aur Kaafi Boys Ke Dil Toot Gaye!


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Those who deserve respect, get it. The heroine of Pakistan, the brave, Suhai Aziz Talpur (PSP) had led the Chinese consulate operation which has earned her tremendous respect.

Suhai Aziz Talpur belongs from interior Sindh and has become the first women ASP  from rural Sindh. She has passed the CSS exam in 2012 and got allocated in the prestigious Police Service of Pakistan (PSP). In an interview, she said, “My relatives, who earlier shunned my family, completely changed their attitude after I was appointed as ASP.”

Reportedly, a Chinese guy proposed Suhai Aziz for a marriage. Not only this, Suhai was immensely admired in China as well and youth is adoring the lady. Many in China, are concerned for Suhai’s safety and have asked Suhai Aziz to come and reside in China. Moreover, many have admired her courage along with her attractive looks – Chinese youth are falling in love with Suhai Aziz (PSP)

Suhai was greatly admired in Pakistan as well. According to the news, “IG Sindh Kaleem Imam has asked for Talpur to be conferred with the Quaid-e-Azam Police medal. She is the first female officer whose name has been recommended for the award.” IGP Sindh, Kaleem Imam has also announced commendable certificate for the brave ASP.

Suhai is being admired by CM SINDH and IG Kaleem Imam

A journalist of leading South China weekly newspaper asking Suhai Aziz for the interview

This person is adoring the bravery of ASP Suhai Aziz

Moreover, Pakistanis  from all over the world appreciated Suhai on his courageous stance

Leading from the front

Writer Dia Hadid acknowledging Suhai’s effort

Daniyaz Gillani, a civil servant depicting how Chinese are falling in love with the ASP

Former interior minister, Ahsan Iqbal is proud of Suhai Aziz

Although Suhai Aziz is already married but is being loved and proposed by the Chinese people. The Chinese people have shown significant respect and love for the brave Iron lady of Pakistan, Suhai Aziz (PSP).

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