Asif Zardari's Controversial Video Is Making Everyone Curious And Ye Kia Chal Raha Hai?


Asif Zardari’s Controversial Video Is Making Everyone Curious And Ye Kia Chal Raha Hai?


The greatest of the legacy that Bhuttos has for a decade or more! After almost every Bhutto got executed later there were people who cashed upon their legacy, in that list Zardari tops. Well, after Zulfiqar Bhutto was executed it was Benazir Bhutto who was responsible for the well-being of their party. While she was at it, both of her brothers were brutally murdered, she was burdened with pain and the hopes of a million people. She was the real queen of people’s heart, while people often question that how did she end up marrying a man like Asif Zardari?!

Zardari however after Benazir’s death won the elections and became the president; while it was Bilawal who was to be the next chairperson of the party but back then he was not of the eligible age to be the chairperson and PM. Zardari took full advantage of it he became the PM of Pakistan for the first and last time, but he did!

And, remember this? LOL.

KPK Chief Minister Was Allegedly In “Nashay Ki Halat Mein” In Broad Daylight And WTF?

Well, after that people saw what he did to the country and how he cut it into pieces and served himself the best one!

There have been numerous times when in the press conference and public addresses Zardari has drunk sparkling water (read: vodka) but this time! This time it was nothing like that just vinegar, you know. 😀

You can spot it, it’s nothing bad guys! Come on.

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غلط بوتل؟

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After his press conference, people completely forgot the purpose of the conference was only concerned about the “bottle” sparkling water or not? but if he asked for it then why did he refuse? too many questios but no answer! Ch ch

Esy nae bolty! bad manners *nods in disappointment*


Chori is something done without letting anyone know. THIS doesn’t classify as “chori”

Very bad!


Maybe! you are right

Umm… okay

Arryy! Mate you got that right! *high five*

Zardari once embarrassed his son Bilwal when he drank “something” from his bottle and hide his face with a shawl; after which Bilawal did a facepalm and everyone knew what just happened! Zardari sahb thora toh khayal kar lein. Lol!

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