KPK Chief Minister Was Allegedly In "Nashay Ki Halat Mein" In Broad Daylight And WTF?


KPK Chief Minister Was Allegedly In “Nashay Ki Halat Mein” In Broad Daylight And WTF?


After the mega-celebration of the new found government, people started congratulating the whole nation. While the international market was not so happy with it! People of Pakistan were happy that they finally were able to kick the pseudo monarch politicians from the country. Now they have hopes from this government, some ray to sunshine which was blinded by all the previous governments. Those governments lotted the people, ate everything possible that they could digest!

While all these years, Imran Khan gave people hope; that if he was holding the seat things would have been different. Since he was not given any chance before people thought it why not to try this out! So, here we are with this government still hoping for the “Naya Pakistan” they promised to deliver!

With the Naya Pakistan, we saw something pretty “Naya” KPK Chief Minister was allegedly caught drunk in a broad daylight in an event in Swat! He was pulled out of the event and was taken by the forces to his car.

Did he seem drunk? Or not?

People are really not happy with what they saw, not the kind of government they wanted!

Je je that’s the real tabdeeli! Faceoff!Really? Would that make anything right?

*cheer clpas* we got the tabdeeli we asked for

How are things going to change anyway when the people in the ministry are still the same. The same behavior and the same habits, that’s how we would make things work? IK was planning to make Pakistan better than Europe, sure he should but maybe rectify the behavior of people in charge.

Such things are only corrected when the enforcement would play the game of punishment and reinforcement. Only then all these ministers and politicians would learn to not repeat the mistakes that others did anytime before.

Some time ago, when the high commissioner of Pakistan was seen drunk on the stage of Pakistani awards, that was pretty embarrassing and nobody did anything for it! If only they would have done something to punish him, other’s would have learned a bit!

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