Qandeel Baloch Murder Case Takes New Turn Which Involves Mufti Abdul Qavi


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The highest profiled murder case in the last two years, Pakistan saw the rise and downfall of a social media celebrity. Fouzia Azeem, alias Qandeel Baloch, was strangled to death by her own brother.

However, the case is not as simple as it seems. Even though the reason for murdering Qandeel given by her brother Mohammad Waseem was the protection of honor, it seems like there is more to than what meets the eye. Another person nominated in the case, famous religious scholar Mufti Abdul Qavi, has just had a non-bailable arrest warrant issued against him.


Qandeel Baloch’s rise came through her unconventional vlogs on social media, where her out of the box approach on social media made her an instant hit, despite thousands of people lamenting her stance every single day.

Her videos sparked outrage on social media every single day, with many calling for her death. To this, her brother, strangled her to death while she stayed at her parents’ house.

In recent developments on the investigation, a judicial magistrate issued a non-bailable arrest warrant for Mufti Qavi. Prior to Qandeel’s death, she had posted videos of her and the Mufti inside a hotel, saying that the Mufti wanted to spend time with her. The allegations, till day, are denied by Mufti Qavi.


Many are of the belief that when Qandeel posted her video alongside Qavi, he took revenge by involving her brother, instigating him to murder his sister as she brought a bad name to their family, caste, and religion, making it a case of incitement to murder. According to Geo News, the judicial magistrate Mohammad Pervez issued the non-bailable warrants after the investigation officer, Noor Akbar, prayed the court to do so on the grounds that the cleric is not cooperating with the police. 

Qandeel Baloch’s death has been highlighted again on media after the Saba Qamar starring show Baaghi has gripped audience on the life of Qandeel prior to her becoming a social media celebrity. Murder anywhere needs condemnation and if a religious scholar is involved in it, the people must know the truth.


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