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Mohtaram Aamir Liaquat Will Return As A Ramadan Host And People Are Waiting For His ‘New Tamashay’!


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Amir Liaquat, famously known as a controversial televangelist has recently announced to host his Ramadan Transmission on Pakistan Television News (PTV). And surprisingly, this is the same venue where he initiated his TV career and was fired very shortly upon disdainful conduct.


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Promises Lied!

In 2018 General Elections, Amir made it to the National Assembly by contesting NA-245 seat on PTI’s ticket; where he later had to face serious wrath of the people for making bogus promises during his electoral campaign. Amir vowed before the residents of these localities, which include major areas of Martin Quarters and Lines Area, to resist the Encroachment Drive ordered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and advocate for the authorization of the non-leased colonies.

Amir Liaquat Package

پاکستان کوارٹرز سے منتخب ایم این اے عامر لیاقت ووٹ لینے کے لیے تو غریبوں کا ساتھ دینے کی باتیں کرتے رہے انہیں مالکانہ حقوق دلانے کا یقین بھی دلایا لیکن آج جب آپریشن ہوا تو وہ غائب ہوگئے#SamaaTV #PakistanQuarters #PTI

Posted by Samaa TV on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Locals also complain that Amir after gaining success through their precious votes, never showed-up to address their issues of grave importance…

Hate Mongering…

The so-called scholar is also known for fueling hate between religious sects and was recently slammed with a ban by PEMRA for after creating controversy related to religious organization Jamiat Ahle Hadith and globally acclaimed Islamic preacher and scholar Dr. Zakir Naik.


A Public Bully!

But the belligerent Doctor has no stopping when it comes to humiliating common people on-air where he could be seen embarrassing the attendees with humiliating remarks and indecent actions…

Previously, several footage videos were also leaked exposing Amir for using various profanities off the air on his TV show. Not only that, Amir is accustomed to mocking callers and visitors of his show with utter disrespect, In one of such videos, he could be seen taking the some question lightly, mocking his religious guests, spontaneously singing Indian tunes and referring to Bollywood explicit scenes. But very ironically, Amir considers this as his ‘Lighter Side’.

Remember this?

Aamir Liaquat Story - Parhlo
oh my Pakistan

A Stonehearted Father!?

Recently, Amir stirred yet another controversy regarding his second marriage when he reacted to the grievance of his wife in the very harsh manner by stating that Miss Bushra (Amir’s first wife) poses to be religious, knows nothing about religion which is why she reacted in such a way. He also accused his first wife on forcing his daughter for being vocal against his decision of second marriage.

Fake Degree… Fake Scholar…

Besides this, Amir is also known for misguiding the public on his educational credentials… In 2015, it was reported that Hussain acquired a fake degree from Ashwood University. According to the Federal Investigation Agency, his profile was noted in Axact’s main server. Hussain confessed that he purchased a fake degree from Ashwood University for $1136. Also, the Federal University of Science & Technology debunked his claims to have received a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies by saying that he never attended any class or exams.

Is TRP Everything!?

Keeping in sight these facts associated with the controversial figure of Amir Liaquat, do you think it is the right decision of Pakistan Television Corporate to engage him with Ramadan Transmission, which has a divine significance in Islam… Or do you believe, harnessing TRP is the only element that matters for the state television in order to keep up with the mainstream!!?

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