Pakistanis Are Praising Climate Change Minister Zartaj Gul For Making The Weather 'Romantic' And It's Actually Funny

Pakistanis Are Praising Climate Change Minister Zartaj Gul For Making The Weather ‘Romantic’ And It’s Actually Funny!


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The Indian Air Force entered Pakistan’s airspace and all they could do was to down a few trees. After which the Federal Minister of state of Climate Change took it as a mission to plant as many trees as possible!

Zartaj said that the tree tsunami project, which was initiated the Prime Minister is being recognized internationally! Zartaj believes that the massive plantation of trees has brought enough rains and snowfall, the Minister said: “if we keep growing trees at current speed, we will soon make Pakistan green again.”

Imran Khan carefully selected people in his cabinet and makes sure that the progress in the country is sustained.


While Zartaj is on a mission to make Pakistan green and clean, in this video she’s seen to be trekking in Islamabad’s beautiful National Park! She requests people to keep the beauty of this park and the capital city to sustain its serenity.

“Please, keep the plastic bags and bottles with you and do not throw them in the park”

While, she’s busy checking parks, cleaning streets and planting as many trees as possible, here on the internet people believe that right after Zartaj’s been appointed as the Minister for Climate Change, the climate of Pakistan has changed “romantically” LOL!

While this unpopular opinion got popular and looks like a vast majority agrees to it!


And peoples’ appreciation reached Zartaj herself, here in this video a journalist asked her about what does she think about this internet fame after massive rains and snowfall which are being credited to you.

She’s too cute! The minister believes that it’s God’s blessing because of the righteous leader we have!

Indeed! No doubt in that.

Very well done, a massive change.

Zartaj Baji is always right!

Looks like our Minister to0 has a fan following now, unlike the previous ones. A recent survey suggests that 57% of the Pakistani population is happy with Imran Khan’s good work. That would not have been possible without the help of all the minister together. They all make a good dedicated team that we are proud of.

Zartaj is a very ambitious woman, her victory in DG Khan spoke itself,  she won with a margin of 25,000 votes! She’s an NCA graduate, which tells that she’s not only politically active but creative too. A very rare combination.

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