Zainab’s Murderer Imran Ali Refuses to Accept his Crimes and Will File an Appeal Against the Death Sentence


On the 17th of February 2018, justice was indeed served when Imran Ali was sentenced to death for kidnapping, raping and killing Zainab Amin from Kasur. According to the anti-terrorism court, Imran Ali was guilty of all the charges filed against him. He was handed over four counts of the death penalty, a fine of rs4.1 million, a 7-year jail time and one life term.

The breakdown of his sentences are as followed:

Rs1 million fine along with one life sentence for committing an “unnatural act”.

Rs1 million fine along with two death sentences under the Pakistan Penal Code and ATA.

Rs100,000 fine along with 7-year jail time for hiding the body in the trash.

Rs1 million to be paid to the heirs of the victim.

Nusrat Bibi, Zainab’s mother demanded the court to execute Imran in the same public space where he took Zainab.

After the verdict was announced, this is what Nusrat Bibi said, “I want him to be hanged publicly at the place where he took Zainab,”

When the charges against Imran Ali were announced, he confessed and accepted. However, given how the law gives the accused 15-day period to challenge the decision, Imran Ali may be using it.

According to various news channels and outlet, Imran Ali wishes to file an appeal and protest against the charges he was awarded. He shares that he is not guilty and will protest against the death sentence awarded to Imran Ali.

It seems that the case has taken another twist, but given how all the evidence speaks against the accused, this may not affect the sentences awarded to him.

Pakistanis now wait to see the day when they will see Imran Ali hang to death, as it may create an example for those who get away with these heinous crimes.


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