Another MBBS Student, Yousaf Pirkani From Quetta Ended His Own Life And This Is Just Terrible!


Another MBBS Student, Yousaf Pirkani From Quetta Ended His Own Life And This Is Just Terrible!


Most of us have observed sadness in teenagers. We may think their melancholy is due to hormone imbalances, mood swings, or teenage rebellion. But teen depression is a life-threatening concern. Sometimes many of us do not realize the intensity and consider it as a mere phase, especially desi parents who fail to understand the trauma their child is going through.

Kids are usually mocked or not taken seriously by their parents due to which they look for other channels to let out their suppression, in most cases ending their life is the solution to their problem. Just like several other cases, one more makes it to the list of students of students who ended their own life.

Just like this, we have another suicide victim, Yousaf Pirkani, a third-year student at Bolan Medical College. He gave up because of the unfair and unjust treatment of the teachers in the college



There was a huge student protest against favoritism of teachers who deliberately failed 150 of the 175 students in the exams. The result of BMC are as follows:
30% result (1st year)
40% result (2nd year)
18% result (3rd year)
36% result (Final year)

The vast difference in the theory and viva marks infuriated the student body because everyone worked hard for their papers and in the end they could not pass because of the ego and biasness of the teachers, Yousaf was one of the position holders in his college, he worked hard this year as well but when he was unable to get the marks he expected he went into severe depression and eventually took his life.


Not just this, he was also detained on the basis of having low attendance although he did not cross the minimum requirement. Abusive language, ruthless fines and humiliation in classes are what drives the students to take these ultimate steps.

This is how people reacted to this incident.

This needs to stop!


It’s about time that we all take this seriously, we need to analyze and understand the mindset of the students and help them when they need us. What are the things that push them so much so that they have to take these extreme measures? The government should take action against the wrongdoings of the teachers at Bolan Medical College.

We lost one life today but we can’t take any more of the bizarre treatment of the teachers that is only done to please themselves without thinking about the consequences that might occur in a student’s life. It’s high time, we all must stand with Yousaf Pirkani and ask for justice! The number might increase in the future if we ignore this today.

The teachers should be accountable for their behavior and attitude towards the students, they should pay for the unfair marks distributions, the cruelty and the high death rates caused by this.

May Yousaf’s soul rest in peace, and Allah give sabar to his family. It is indeed a sad day for all the people around!

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