A Love Story From Kashmir: Yaseen And Mushaal Mallick Celebrate 10th Anniversary Miles Apart And They Are Couple Goals!


A Love Story From Kashmir: Yaseen And Mushaal Mallick Celebrate 10th Anniversary Miles Apart And They Are Couple Goals!


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They say that fairy-tales are just in movies and books, we read the stories to our children and girls grow up thinking of that charming prince who would come riding a white horse and sweep the princesses off of their feet and will take them to the land of happiness.

However, we seldom forget that even Cinderella had to strive to find her happy ending and had her fair share of barriers to find solace. I mean who doesn’t love a happy ending? Or better a happy life?


One couple that really moved me recently was Yasin Malik and Mushaal Mullick who are miles away and yet their love just seems everlasting.

Mushaal is a UK-born Pakistani who belongs to Chakwal holds a post-graduate degree in political economy from the London School of Economics and is known for her nude drawings. On the other hand, Yasin – who is the founder of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front is currently in jail.

It’s like a Pakistani version of Veer-Zaara. Although, we really hope the two love birds get together as soon as possible!


The two tied the knot back in 2009 and have a daughter together. Today it marks their 10th anniversary and Mushaal took Twitter to express her love for her husband who’s been away from her for almost a decade.

She wrote, “we will walk endlessly till the gates of heaven InshAllah.Happy 10th wedding Anniversary Yasin!”

She also wrote a heartfelt message for her husband where she stated, “The miracle of life shone in front of my eyes when u entered my life. Nothing can b parallel to this feeling….u came like a roaring revolution of Love & became my battlefield of Love. Time, moments, flashes, past, present, future nothing compares to our connection.”

Mushaal Mullick and Yasin Malik, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), have completed 10 years of togetherness and on their 10th wedding anniversary, Mushaal Mullick poured her heart out for her soulmate who has been waging a struggle against Indian occupation of Kashmir for years.

We stumbled upon this clip where Mushaal Mullick is shedding tears for her husband and requests the government to provide him health care in the prison of Indian Kashmir.

In a nutshell, the couple is the perfect example of true love. Where on one hand, Yasin is striving to make a change for his people, his wife is praying to the lord for his safety.

This is a sad love story that moves you and makes you wonder why bad things happen to good people. Let us know what do you guys think of this!

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