This Woman Intercepted A Potential Child Molester Saving A Little Girl's Life In Islamabad's Markaz!


This Woman Intercepted A Potential Child Molester Saving A Little Girl’s Life In Islamabad’s Markaz!


Ever since the rape and murder of 7-year-old Zainab Ansari, every parent in the country keeps double check and balance over their child, as compared to what they did before. The tragic incident has brought new understanding of child abuse and pedophilia in our society, and people are not ready for any child to suffer similar fate now.

Even in the Holy month of Ramadan, a demon remains a demon, regardless of what goes on. Recently, a mother of two children encountered a man who was trying to kidnap somebody else’s daughter, but due to her diligence, she was able to save the little girl’s honor and her life.


This is what the woman wrote on her social media account, narrating the complete incident that took place in Islamabad’s Markaz.

“I was quite scared to share whatever I experienced yesterday. But a friend told me to share it in order to spread awareness. I went to nearby Markaz around 4 pm, there I happened to notice a little girl, may be 4 year old. After that, I went to the other side of the Markaz. There I I was going to enter a bakery when I saw a man holding the hand of the same girl, she was whining and he angrily told her to be quite.

After i was done with my shopping, I sat in the car, drove towards the exit of that parking area when I saw the man almost dragging that girl while she was crying like hell. There was no one in that area. I still ignored, but god knows why, something struck me, I went back, stopped the car, rolled down the window of the passenger seat side, asked the guy “why is this girl crying so much, ?” he said “bachi hai, zidd kar rahi hai cheezon ke liye.”

Being a mother, I know when a child is crying for something, what his or her expressions or the sound of crying is. For a second, I believed the guy, but still I asked that girl, if she knew the guy and who was he, the girl looked at him and was still crying like hell. That moment, I pulled the handbrake and got out of the car, the sight i saw horrified me so much ….that guy got scared as I was approaching him, he pushed the girl so hard, she fell to the ground and he ran away. I didn’t even have my phone at that time to take a pic or a make a video while he was running, and I’m sure even if I had, I wouldn’t have been able to do it cos i was too shocked.


The girl tried to run away from me as well, but I caught her and asked where she last saw her parents. She couldn’t explain. I went to the shops side, told a hard over there, long story short, the girl’s parents appear from somewhere. Funny thing was that the father got suspicious why the girl was with me.. Thank god the guard explained cos by that time, I didn’t even have the stamina to talk and tell the whole story again. Her mother was crying so much.

Since yesterday I am happy that I saved a life, a girl from becoming another case of Zainab and many others. And also horrified by the fact, that if I hadn’t stopped and questioned that man, what could have he done to her…. Please take care of yr children while u go to these markets, and also keep an eye on such people and above all, stop and question people if u see anything suspicious. May Allah pak keep everyone safe.. Ameen.

It is people like Mrs. Salva Ziyad who give us hope, hope that our children can remain safe in this society. She gives us hope that if there are people who want harm us, there are many that would come out and help us, without us knowing. Please take care of children, even if they aren’t yours.

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