Here's Why You Need To Vote This Time...


Here’s Why You Need To Vote This Time…


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Are you unhappy with the progress of your country? Do you want to change it? How could we do that?

Many people have a misconception about the vote, they think that their single vote can bring change in this country, they feel their vote is not worthy for Pakistan and completely neglect the thought of casting a vote. If every one of us starts making excuses and do not go for casting a vote, what kind of country would we have?


According to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2017 released by Transparency International, Pakistan’s score is 117 from 180. The literacy rate remained at 58%, the same as last year in PML-N’s tenure. Our dear homeland is the 7th worst country in terms of access to basic sanitation. What are we waiting for? Who will take a stand and as a common man what we could do? Yes, the answer is ‘VOTE’

Source: Dunya

By voting, you can make your voice heard on who and how the government should operate if you choose not to vote this means you are happy with your situation, you do not want to change it and in this way, you automatically lose your right to complain. So, stop claiming that not a single political party is eligible for leadership and solving the problems of Pakistan.

One more thing, if you are going to cast a vote please don’t vote someone because he belongs to your cast and area. Go and vote for the one who belongs to your country who knows how to solve the country’s problem and make its way to progress.

I hope you guys are going to vote for a real leader

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