Whatsapp Introduces 3 New Features That Will Benefit Users In More Than One Way!


Whatsapp Introduces 3 New Features That Will Benefit Users In More Than One Way!


The mother of all social media apps, WhatsApp has long been the source of communication between people of all ages. Except China and a few other countries, WhatsApp dominates the quick-smart-connection platform.

The brand, which is now a part of Facebook, has introduced three new features for its users, which will definitely help people in their day-to-day lives in more than one way. Expanding with time, the social media application has grown into a huge company that caters its users in the best possible way.

Here are the new features introduced by WhatsApp for your benefit.

1. Group Descriptions

Source: independent.uk

Members of WhatsApp groups can now add 500 character descriptions to their profile. This is very useful for groups which are more business oriented, as it helps the new members understand what the platform is about. So when a new user is added to a group, it would not take him much time in getting accustomed to the new platform. This will also help social media bloggers in Pakistan, who do paid campaigns on daily basis and are added to hosts of new groups.

2. Member Hunting

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It can get very hard to find a member of a WhatsApp group if there are several members in it, let us say 50+. The member hunting feature will help you find a specific contact via search so that you can contact them directly without having to face much hassle. Previously, it had been very hard for people to find names and numbers, and usually, people like myself end up giving up on the task altogether, just because of the hassle. However, now you can just search the name or the number, and the person’s id would pop-up.

3. Switch From Voice To Video

Source: techbeasts.com

Previously, it was quite frustrating for some users to switch between voice and video calls. However, the new app update will take care of it with just a tap of the button! So, if you need to go away from video to call because of your surrounding, it would only take one tap. Before the update, you had to cut the call and start a video/audio call to same person because there was no option to turn the camera on or off.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp introduced ‘delete for everyone’, allowing users to delete ‘accidentally’ sent messages in a span of 7 minutes. This had been lauded as the best update yet by WhatsApp. It would be interesting to see how users react to these 3 new changes. What do you think about them?

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