“Victim Was Killed Over Rent, Not Blasphemy,” – Revelations Surface in Qutub Rind’s Murder Case


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A brutal murder which took place on 17th July, 2018 is now surfacing on the social media amidst the revelation of the truth behind the motive – rent dispute.

Qutab Rind, a 32-year-old student of National College of Arts (NCA), hailing from Sindh was killed by his landlord over rent dispute. The landlord and the accomplices used blasphemy as a motive to cover the act behind killing of the innocent Qutab, as said by police.

On Sunday, the local police shared that they have arrested two suspects who were involved in the torturing and killing of Qutab.

Qutab from Jacobabad, Sindh was living in a rented flat in Rajgarh. The landlord of the flight, known as Ahsan approached Qutab and demanded the student to pay for the next month’s rent in advance. Qutab shared that he has already paid the month’s due and he will pay the next month’s rent on the date that they both agreed on. With this disagreement, according to the police, the landlord then called his brother Waqas Ali and started beating Qutab with a rod, eventually throwing him down from the third floor of the house.

Qutab suffered from critical injuries and could not survive the brutal beatings, and passed away in Services Hospital, Lahore.

Victim’s uncle Gul Beg Rind confirmed that his nephew was killed over rent dispute. On the other hand, the landlord leveled on the false blasphemy allegations to get away with the crime they committed.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Investigations Awais Malik confirmed that Qutub was killed over dispute on payment of rent. According to the SSP, the landlord was a drug addict and needed payment in advance for his personal needs, which resulted in an argument and thus, took Qutab’s life.

There is a dire need to have strong and powerful blasphemy laws in Pakistan. People like Ahsan Ali use this very strong term in negative manner, while taking advantage of the weak laws and accountability prevailing in the country.

May Allah bless the soul of Qutab.

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