The Tragic Accident Of Vaneeza Ahmed’s Sister And Her Two Friends In Islamabad Gives Us A Great Lesson On Speed!


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A family is dear to everyone. People can leave anything and everyone in the world, but family. As people say that family has blood ties, the reason everyone has a connection with the people in the family, but there’s more to it than just that! Families have more than what we call bonding, bonding for ages, we don’t bond well with people who we only love but with the people who grew with us.

From childhood to teenage and then becoming an awkward adult, all this is handled by the immediate family, yet they still love us. Especially, with younger siblings, they are the first children of the parents. The parents are done parenting the older siblings and the younger ones are always raised by their elder brothers or sisters. They are more like kids to older siblings.

And when these kids get hurt, it is the oldest sibling that cries the most with them. Imagine seeing them lying lifeless in front of you? Unbearable, right? This is the sight that no one would want to see in the worst of nightmares. But Vaneeza Ahmed did see that, and she had to gather the courage to tell that to everyone.

Vaneeza Ahmed the top model of Pakistan just uploaded a status and told everyone about how she lost her baby sister in a tragic car accident!

 Her 24-year-old sister lost her life on the 23rd of February!

There were four more people in the car when the accident happened late in the night. It was 2:25 am when the tragic accident took place. Isha, Vaneeza’s younger sister who was the resident of Lahore along with other four people were returning from a party that took place in street 60 in Sector F-7/4.

Rimla, Hina and Isha were the three girls who lost their lives in this car accident, Rimla who was the resident of Islamabad was driving the car. Rimla didn’t realize that the speed is so high, that she can lose control of the car anytime. When she got a text on her phone, she got distracted and without realizing and bumped the car into the protective railing and then the car plunged into the nullah on Parbat Road in Sector F-7/3.

The condition of the car can tell how tragic this accident was!


When the car hit the railing and dived into the nallah, the sound of the crash was so loud that people heard that in the 100-meter radius. When people came for help, one of the girls was shouting for help, but Rimla, Isha and Hina died at the spot. Two others are still in critical condition. One boy and the other girl was shouting for help.

May the departed soul rest in peace.

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