US President Donald Trump Hosts his First Ramadan Iftaar But Muslims Weren't Too Happy With It


US President Donald Trump Hosts his First Ramadan Iftaar But Muslims Weren’t Too Happy With It


The first step Donald Trump as the president of the United States took was to impose a ban on Muslim immigrants from entering the US soil. With the passage of time, citizens of the United States governed how the president isn’t much pro-Muslims and since then, the particular minority has felt threatened.

However, at the beginning of Ramadan, Trump wished Muslims the festivity wishes and also extended the tradition of having an Iftaar at the White House.

The tradition which started in the presidential era of Bill Clinton and was followed by George W Bush and Barack Obama, Trump didn’t leave it behind and invited the Muslims to share an Iftaar together. The event, however, didn’t take place in 2017, during the first year of Trump’s presidency. This year while it is back, it comes with a twist which got a lot of much-needed criticism.

No American-Muslim Was Invited to the Iftaar at the White House

As described by the White House, the Iftaar was for the Washington Diplomatic Community were the foreign ambassadors for the majority-Muslim countries were invited. Not a single Muslim was present at the Iftaar.

On the other hand, the leading US Muslim members who are typically invited to other events weren’t a part of the White House Iftaar.

Muslim Public Affairs Council, Council on American-Islamic Relations were snubbed from the invites as well.

The Public Reacted to How No Muslim Was Invited to Attend the Iftaar


Woah, What?


But He Did Wish Muslims Ramadan and Called It One of the Greatest Religions

A Protest Was Happening Outside While Trump Was Having the Annual Iftaar Inside the White House

The Americans still want the government in power to remove the ban from immigrants of the Muslim nations that were banned at the beginning of his tenure.

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